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Dogs & Cats Stranded on the Streets


Kittens & puppies dumped on the streets - injured, scared and hungry. We provide veterinary care, spay & neuter services, and find safe, loving homes for helpless canines & felines that have been victims of abuse, hoarding, abandonment and neglect.

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Success Story

As volunteers left their animal refuge in Baja, they were horrified to see a man toss a dog out of his truck in the middle of the desert. As one of the volunteers got closer, she saw two small pups running after their mom. The mom would slow down to wait for the puppies before running as fast as her legs would allow to catch the man in the truck. Although he had just left her for dead, he was the only home she knew.

Angels were watching her that day when the volunteers brought the mom and pups back to the refuge. If the volunteers hadn't found the mom and pups, they would have faced certain death in the heat of the desert without any food or water.

There are numerous stories of dogs and cats facing neglect, torture and abuse on a daily basis in places like Baja, Mexico. Grants made by our organization, enable volunteers of small, dedicated charities to save the dogs and cats that have been dumped on the streets in the U.S. and beyond.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity as we find safe and loving homes for more and more abandoned dogs & cats and spread the word about responsible spay and neuter practices. Thank you!