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Preventing Euthanasia Through Rescue


Companion animals who end up in shelters or on the streets live rough, short lives. We help them write a different story for their lives -- one full of love. It only takes one person to make a difference. Will you be that person today?

Real Life

If Paxton could talk, he would tell you that when people reach out to help the helpless, happiness lies at the end of the road. And the road is literally where Paxtonís rescue story began. Run over by a car, he lay badly injured on the side of the highway. A trucker named Paxton saw him, stopped, and rushed him to North County Humane Society. The kitty (now named Paxton, of course) lost a leg, had a ruptured bladder, needed a full blood transfusion and had to be monitored every two hours, night and day, the first week at North County.

Once Paxton recovered, Preventing Euthanasia Through Rescue (PET Rescue) took him into foster care and set about finding a home for him. One fine day, Paxtonís future mom, Susannah, wandered into one of our Adoption Fairs. Cupid loosed his arrow, and Paxton found his forever home. A little later, when we heard about another kitty (Lincoln) who lost a leg in a similar accident, we contacted Susannah, who once again opened her heart and adopted Lincoln, thereby providing Paxton with a best kitty friend.

Some may say that Paxton was plain lucky, but there were many crossroads along his rugged path; crossroads where someone had to pause and say, "Just for this moment I will stop what I am doing and help an animal in need." Paxtonís story is a testament to the power of the loving human spirit.