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Asian Neighborhood Design


With your support, AND provides green construction/solar training to low-income, formerly incarcerated, homeless and emancipated youth. Over 80% obtain jobs within 6 mos.

Real Life

Did you see us on the evening news on November 30, 2004?

An Innovative Employment Training Program Takes People Off the Streets!

That's how NBC (Channel 11) described A.N.D.'s Employment Training Program when they and KTSF (Channel 26) covered graduation day for 13 of our students. The program trains adults and youths in the construction trades and prepares students for induction into Local 22, the Carpenter's Union for Northern California. Union wages begin at $18.75, a livable wage for the Bay Area!

Meet Jamela (fictious name), a typical graduate:

Jamela, 23 years old, lives in Bayview Hunter's Point with her Grandmother. Her mother, an ex-offender and addict, and 9 year-old sister live in a group home. Recently, her sister was placed in foster care because she was caught prostituting herself and was experiencing physical and mental abuse. Jamela has a history of prostitution and had numerous experiences at 850.* Jamela learned about our program from her girl friends.

Now as an A.N.D. Employment Training Program graduate, she is the top candidate for a job in a major Bay Area construction firm. Her interview date is December 7th.

Asian Neighborhood Design's Employment Training Program received over 200 applicants for this class. Since moving to Harrison Street, the program's facilities have greatly expanded. However, funding is needed to bring additional instructors and support staff.

* 850 is street-talk for Juvenile Hall of Justice, SF at 850 Bryant Street.