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Illinois Spina Bifida Association


We work to improve the quality of life of individuals and families living with Spina Bifida by promoting skills development and independence, improving family resilience through outreach and education, providing targeted financial assistance.

Real Life

The Illinois Spina Bifida Association works to improve the quality of life of children, adults, and families living with spina bifida, one of the most common, permanently-disabling birth defects in the U.S. ISBA works to accomplish its mission with a three-part program strategy: *Improve family resilience and access to resources through networks of outreach and education; *Provide targeted financial assistance; and *Promote skills development and independence. One of our programs is the Young Ladies Group. During a recent arts and crafts group, six pre-teen girls got to bond with each other and two women with spina bifida, while they painted on canvasses shaped as the first letter of their names. At the same time, their moms got to share about their daughters' recent successes and challenges at school with each other, a social worker, and a woman with spina bifida. For more information, contact ISBA at 773-444-0305 or