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Network Against Domestic Abuse of North Central Connecticut


The network assists families and individuals who have experienced domestic and interpersonal violence, educates to promote helathy relationships and advocates for safer communities

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Success Story

I am so grateful for The Network. I first arrived at their office nervous and scared. I was afraid of what the future held. I didn’t think I could make the changes that I needed to make. I had never talked about the torture I was living in my marriage. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. As I spoke the words that detailed my abuse, even I was astonished at how much I had endured. Since it was my first time really talking about it, it was the first time I heard most of the events spoken out loud at the same time. It sounded unbelievable. How had I allowed this to go on for so long? I felt so stupid and weak.But I am not weak. That is what The Network taught me. They gave me the strength to move on. They helped me find the ability to love myself. They helped me recognize the cycle of abuse, and see how it had been used to manipulate me and make me believe I was weak.

Through the weekly group sessions, I met some amazing women. Women who were strong. Women who had been through situations so similar to mine. I wasn’t alone. These women understood me. They didn’t think I was stupid. Just knowing that this small group of women had my back gave me the courage to move on.  

Three years later, here I am. Safe. And free. I still struggle with anxiety and ptsd. I still jump anytime I hear his name, or recieve a text from him. But each day it gets better than the day before. Each day I am grateful to be alive. And each day I am filled with gratitude to everyone at The Network who helped me get to where I am today. Thank you.