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Hope Program


New Yorkers living in poverty face multiple barriers to securing jobs. HOPE's work-readiness training supports clients to gain employment and strengthens families and communities.

Real Life

"I was homeless. Then one of the shelter staff told me about the HOPE Program. At HOPE, I learned to use a computer. I created my first resume. They placed me in an internship where I learned clerical skills. Those skills and HOPE got me a job as a receptionist in a law firm. My life has completely changed." -- Amanda, HOPE Graduate "My husband told me that if he killed me, he would only get two years in jail. He said that was all my life was worth. That night, after years of being battered, I left him. My kids and I were homeless - living in shelter. When the shelter told me that I had to get a job to stay there, it was like a death sentence. I had never worked. Thankfully, I found HOPE. It was my first real opportunity in life. The HOPE staff trained me. They helped me to get a GED, return to school and find my first job ever. Today, I am a teacher." -- Celia, HOPE Graduate "Basically, before I came to HOPE my life had been totally unmanageable. I went to HOPE from a residential drug treatment program where I was on parole. I was just tired of fighting. HOPE got me an internship and it turned into a job. I've been a vocational counselor ever since." -- Ed, HOPE Graduate