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Little Patriots Embraced


Military children and their families. We assist these families during times of health and other family crisis. We provide children's programs to help these children better cope with a parents deployment and other life challenges.

Real Life

Letter from an FRG leader: "I have a Soldier that is on our deployment list who leaves next month. His 6 year old child had surgery yesterday to remove a mass (tumor) from his chest and the family is in desperate need of financial assistance. This family has fallen behind on their bills when they took their son to the ER thinking he had a severe chest cold. The money they had has gone toward looking after their son in the hospital and childcare for their other two children. Please let me know if you are able to help this family to relieve the stress off this Soldier weeks before he deploys."

Through LPE's MD-TEC fund we were able to assist in helping this family get caught back up on some of their bills before this Soldier was deployed.

Please visit the LPE website to learn more about the MD-TEC fund and see how you can help other families like this one.