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Connecticut Radio Information System


CRIS provides audio access to newspapers, magazines, and educational materials for people who are blind or print-challenged.

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Success Story

For thirty-five years I have been a listener of CRIS which provides audio narration of newspapers and magazines, read by 350 volunteers. The biggest difference CRIS has made in my life for 35 years is that it prevents me from being isolated, enhances my knowledge/ independence and empowers me. By keeping me informed on local to national events, I am able to converse with people on a wide range of topics and opens up the world to me.

Some people ask why I don't just listen to the TV or radio. I do but that information is very basic and doesn't provide the kind of in-depth information I receive from listening to CRIS. The volunteers read the entire article and even describe the photographs. This opens up the world to me and enables me to truly engage in conversations.

This will sound strange, but one of the other important aspects of listening to CRIS is the obituaries. Imagine that you bump into a friend and ask how their family is only to find out that a spouse or child has passed away. That happened to me before I starting listening to the obituaries.

I also am very interested in sports, especially University of Connecticut basketball, as I am an alumnus. With CRIS, I get the detailed information that is important to me.

CRIS has made such a huge difference in my life and I am so grateful to the organization and volunteers for enhancing my quality of life.