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Community Renewal Team, Inc.


CRT's mission is "Preparing Our Community to Meet Life's Challenges." Providing opportunities to individuals and families to achieve economic security.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment along with Assisted Living at The Retreat Gives Terri B. a Whole New Outlook on Life

Terri B. (age 66) had been taking Methadone for a very, very long time. Her daughter Netalya, who is 40 years old now, was born addicted to the medication.

Terri moved to Connecticut in April of this year and lived with her daughter for a few months. During that time, Netalya explored local living options for her mother, and she found an opening for her at The Retreat, CRT’s assisted living facility for seniors in Hartford.

Once she was settled in at The Retreat, staff there approached Terri about a Medication Assisted Treatment option to handle her addiction treatment, which would switch her from taking Methadone to taking Suboxone instead. Like anyone making this kind of transition from a long-term medication, Terri had to taper off the Methadone – and that resulted in its own withdrawal symptoms.

Now, Terri’s days at The Retreat are spent with her physical, emotional and spiritual needs met. She enjoys dressing up in her favorite outfits, having meals with fellow residents, visiting the Retreat store for her favorite candy (Reese’s Pieces) and having the friendship of so many other people her own age.

Today, Terri is very happy with the community she finds at The Retreat. “It’s the people, both the staff and the other residents” she says. “They’re all so nice. I love it here.”

Next year, Terri is hoping to take some classes – maybe learning to use the computers in the building. She’s ready to look ahead to the future. We cannot wait to see what happens next.