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Bringing hope to orphaned children and families who lost their homes & communities in times of crisis. Motivated by God's love, we satisfy hunger, clothe children, educate the vulnerable, heal the sick, shelter the homeless & rebuild communities.

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Success Story

From Rebellious to Respectful

Emmanuel is a five-year-old African American boy who started attending the HOPE worldwide - Tri-State Saturday Academy in Newark, New Jersey.

When Emmanuel came to the Academy he was very rebellious and disrespectful - often displaying fits of rage. He was so out of control that the HOPE worldwide director had to assign Lewis, a volunteer, to be Emmanuel's "buddy" during each session. In just two months, Emmanuel has shown dramatic positive change and has become so close to Lewis that he eagerly anticipates Saturday. He has become respectful, courteous and obedient. One Saturday, Lewis was unable to attend the Saturday Academy. Emmanuel was sad but he was determined to make Lewis proud by actively taking part in the program.

This turnaround has been so impressive to Emmanuel's mother that she has enrolled in the HOPE worldwide - Tri-State Parenting Workshop. Emmanuel's mother has begun changing her lifestyle in much-needed areas to set a better example for her son. She is learning how to prepare nutritious meals and incorporate exercise into daily life.

Emmanuel is one of 75 students participating in this Saturday Academy, which pulls children from an underperforming school ranked 1092 out of 1300 schools in the state of New Jersey. HOPE worldwide - Tri-State currently serves a total of 170 students in several Saturday Academies in New Jersey and New York City. HOPE worldwide conducts programs in more than 100 cities across North America with a mission to bring hope and change lives by helping individuals and families rise up to their full potential.