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Abandoned Little Angels Nhom Tinh Thuong


Abandoned, orphaned and disabled children of Vietnam need more than food and clothes. They need an education to rise above poverty and lead fulfilling lives. We share gifts of love through physical and monetary gifts to the needy children of Vietnam.

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Success Story

Living in Vietnam and being a missionary, I joined the Abandoned Little Angels (ALA) in their trip to visit the orphanages in all the regions of Vietnam for the last three years. Every time, it has been a touching experience when encountering the poor children, mainly in the countryside. 2010, I was in Houston to share my experiences with the benefactors of the ALA at their fundraising banquet. It has been a wonderful experience..

I am impressed by the amount of money the ALA is able to raise every year in America. Because of this funding, every year the orphaned and handicapped children living in over 60 loving shelters continue to receive assistance.

Being originally from Belgium, I knew they would have to cope with so many challenges to face many mysteries to solve.

The specific and primary purposes for which this organization is formed are to operate for the advancement of Vietnamese orphans, Vietnamese community at large, and for other charitable purposes. The general purpose for which this organization is formed are to operate exclusively for such charitable purposes

Did you know that 10 American cents can buy a child three meals a day? Your 30 cents can help pay for a child' s clothes, tuition and school supplies. Your $10.00 per month can help pay for a child' s living expenses, tuition, and school supplies for an entire year.

Let's get involved. Your contribution means a lot to our abandoned children.

F. Frederic Rossignol
Mobile phone: (0084) 0937982150