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We believe all children can excel at math, become more confident in their STEM abilities and develop the skills needed be problem solvers of the future. Our engaging programs build confidence and improve attitudes about math for middle school children.

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Success Story

Cornerstones of our success include:

Diversity. Our students come from all backgrounds. Depending on the program, 51%-61% of our participants are underrepresented in STEM (girls of any race/ethnicity and boys who are African American, Latino, Native American or Multi-racial/ethnic). In the 2019-20 Math Video Challenge, 53% of students were girls.

Positive feedback from educators. Feedback from educators on our 2019-20 end-of-year surveys was overwhelmingly positive. Among the results, 98% of coaches said after participating in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, their students were able to successfully tackle and answer math problems they had never seen before. 98% of club leaders said after participating in the National Math Club, their students had more confidence in their math and problem-solving skills. And 100% of team advisors were satisfied with their overall Math Video Challenge experience.

Career confidence and preparedness. MATHCOUNTS is designed for grades 6-8--the time when students solidify their identities, with a student's opinion about STEM in 8th grade predicting his/her likelihood to pursue a STEM career. It is not only important to excite students about STEM careers; it is critical that they are prepared to be successful in the courses necessary to pursue these careers. MATHCOUNTS both excites and prepares our future STEM professionals.

“I feared math because I was afraid of encountering problems I didn’t know how to solve…I was very insecure about my abilities and afraid of failure. MATHCOUNTS changed this way of thinking about problems…For me, math became less of an obstacle to overcome and more a process of discovery." Judy, MATHCOUNTS alumna