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orphanCare International


Children throughout the world are in desperate need of care, love and an opportunity to be welcomed into a nurturing and lasting family relationship. Please know your gift will be used to directly make a favorable difference in the life of a waiting child.

Real Life

Another morning begins and the citizens of Lam Dong Province are on their way to work. A storeowner hurriedly shoos a sleepy young boy from his storefront fearful that a homeless child could hurt his business. As the boy wanders behind the store looking for a puddle to wash his face, he hopes today someone will let him carry their bags for food or a small payment.

Throughout the day, this nameless child will fight off starvation, illness, loneliness, and the threats of other children who are also trying to survive on the streets. When dusk falls these children will have no other choice than to fall asleep huddled somewhere and wake up to the same struggle for survival.

Over 300 homeless Vietnamese children live this story every day in just one village! Some children live on the street with their families while others are forced to fend for themselves. Their existence seems to go unnoticed and their future is grim.

Your donation will ease the pain of these children by making sure they have food, clothes, a warm bed to sleep in, medical care, and an education while they await a permanent family to love and care for them.