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Nuru International


Eradicate world poverty in fragile states. Equip people in remote, rural areas with tools and knowledge to lead their communities from extreme poverty to self-sufficiency.

Real Life

Milka Asaji Marwa lives in Kuria, Kenya and has joined Nuru International's programs. Here is her story in her own words: Since Nuru has come, my life has really changed. My husband and I both work on our farm. We were getting three bags of maize per acre. When Nuru came they gave us a loan of good seeds and fertilizer. We were able to get 18 bags of maize per acre. Now (that) we have enough maize (to eat), we can sell part of it. We used to work in the farms individually, but now we are working in groups and we're able to assist one another. I was chosen to be a leader of my group. I'm happy to be a woman leader because most leaders are men. They chose me because they saw how hard-working was. Before Nuru came, when I had money, I never used to save anything. Nuru has come and taught us how to save. Now when I or my child gets sick I'm able to use that savings and take that child to hospital. Our lives are better today than they were before.