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Seeing Eye, Inc.


The Seeing Eye provides specially bred and trained dogs to guide people who are blind, and these graduates then have better mobility and independence. The Seeing Eye is supported by charitable contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

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Success Story

As I walked along, listening to the rush of traffic in front of me, my thoughts wandered to what I had to accomplish that day. Suddenly, I heard a loud screech of tires and the crash of metal against metal to my left. I stood frozen with fear as I wondered what I should do. Then, without prompting, Denver, my Seeing Eye dog, took over.

Assertively but calmly, Denver pushed me several feet to the right just as a car rolled out of control onto the curbing where Denver and I had been standing. I stood stunned, relieved and so grateful to my dog. Onlookers told me I was lucky to have such a wonderful Seeing Eye dog.

"Lucky" is just part of the story. I am a blind woman who travels safely and independently to work with her dog guide. Most days are uneventful. Denver guides me safely across streets and helps me avoid bumping into things. He's a faithful companion and I feel a tremendous inner joy with him at my side. I never dreamed his judgment in a crisis would one day dramatically save my life.

Most blind people with Seeing Eye dogs will tell you that their lives have been saved too. Not in the dramatic way Denver saved me from the car, but in the ability to lead a normal life. Thanks to our Seeing Eye dogs, we're able to go about our busy lives self-reliant, independent and confident.