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Operation USA


Supports health & education programs to help children & families at home and abroad recover and thrive in wake of disasters, disease, violence, endemic poverty.

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From the Vietnamese "Boat People", a million of whom streamed out of Vietnam to 5 neighboring countries in 1979, to the millions now affected by famine in Africa, Operation USA has provided assistance to people in need for 2 decades. Operation USA pioneered the concept of "Smart Aid": carefully assessing needs and matching them with the rapid delivery of corporate donations. To date, we have worked in 81 countries, many of which faced severe problems with refugees and internally displaced persons. Whether fleeing from manmade or natural disasters, uprooted people need appropriate food, medicines and shelter, and the continuing educational needs of children must be met.

Operation USA's role has been to generate resources to help large numbers of people cope with disaster. Among the problems refugees face is one of well-intentioned but poorly focused aid projects. Often, useless supplies are gathered and sent directly to refugee camps. These supplies overload fragile relief channels. Public cynicism and apathy increase as these efforts produce few worthwhile results and generate negative press reports. Operation USA's programs avoid these problems through needs assessments, professionally-handled shipping and monitoring of all relief delivered through partner agencies.