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Living Water International


For the 771 million thirsty people globally,safe water has the power to transform lives through restored health and renewed hope! Living Water works with local leaders to create sustainable, community-led solutions that will change lives for generations.

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Success Story

Imagine walking miles to fetch water for your family. Imagine this water is dirty and only cripples those you love with disease. Imagine this sickness keeps your kids from attending school—you have little hope for the future.

This used to be the reality for Dativ and her five children in Nyamugari, Rwanda. Dativ simply wished to care for her children, whom she loves so deeply, though keeping them safe was not a reality. But the solution is simple—safe, clean water.

Now Dativ's story is one of triumph thanks to Living Water International's supporters who made it possible for her community to receive a safe-water well. And that changed everything! Dativ no longer collects dirty water from the nearby stream—water she didn't even have the firewood to boil away its impurities. Today, she gathers safe water from the well near her home. Her babies are healthy, and she has peace of mind knowing her income won't be eaten up by medical expenses.

Dativ also received health and hygiene training from Living Water International staff. She knows how to use safe water to keep her dishes clean, prepare balanced meals, and wash her hands before preparing food and after using the bathroom. She's even planted another garden to grow vegetables for her children!

For a mother like Dativ, these are the small reminders of safe water at work: a transformed family, a clean room, and a healthy meal. It's your support that helps prove Dativ's words true in this moment: "Clean water helps you in everything."