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Purple Heart Foundation


In combat, our Military warriors count on their comrades. At home, they can count on us! PHF uses your generous donations to provide critical assistance grants, scholarships, service dogs & PTSD programs that enhance the lives of veterans & their families.

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Success Story

No story better expresses our mission to support and enhance the quality of life of veterans, than that of Greg Galeazzi. Following the footsteps of his dad and brothers, Greg joined the Army after 9/11, ready to face anything for his country! In 2010, he deployed to Afghanistan, assigned to a Security Force Advisory Team in Kandahar.

After losing a commander, Greg lead his platoon with no further casualties—something he’s very proud of— But on May 26, 2011 a command detonated IED exploded at his feet, taking both of Greg’s legs and nearly destroying his right arm.

As a supporter of the Purple Heart Foundation, you should know how donors like you helped this combat-wounded veteran in the wake of this tremendous tragedy.

Greg realized how difficult returning to civilian life was. But after months of surgeries and rehab, Greg started focusing on what he could do instead of what he couldn’t. He began night classes and was later accepted to Harvard Medical School. Although the VA paid Greg’s tuition, he would face many out of pocket expenses by starting a new life in Cambridge.

This is where loyal supporters of the Purple Heart Foundation made a difference.

$4,500 was raised and awarded as a scholarship to Greg as a small token of our gratitude to help pay for room and board, book fees, and more. He says “this will go a long way in helping [him] further [his] dream”. Your kindness does more than help one man rebuild a life though. Nationwide, veterans come to us for help after risking everything for our freedom. You can visit to see the services you're empowering and you can honor their service and sacrifice by donating today. CFC#: 46647