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American Indian College Fund


Currently, only 15% of American Indians have a college degree - less than half the national average. 26.8% live below the poverty line. Help us change these statistics through scholarships, grants, and higher education program support.

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The American Indian College Fund (the College Fund) provides scholarships for American Indian students to attend and graduate college. The College Fund is the largest provider of private scholarships to American Indian students in the United States. When you donate to the College Fund, you empower one of the most underserved populations, with regard to education, in the United States. Did you know? *Census data shows 25.7% of all American Indians and Alaska Natives live below the poverty line. In contrast, the national poverty rate was only 12.4%. *American Indians account for only 1% of all college students. *Less than 13% of American Indians have a college degree. Impact In 2014-15, the American Indian College Fund issued 6,358 scholarships to 3,988 American Indian students totaling $7,076,052. The average size of scholarship awarded per recipient was $1,774. The College Fund has supported the educational needs of Native students for over 25 years. In our first 25 years, we have provided over 100,000 scholarships to Native students, but the need is still great. Our goal is to double the number of scholarships provided to 200,000 by the year 2020. Your support to the American Indian College Fund fosters our vision of providing quality access to education and opportunity where none had previously existed.