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Christian Aid Mission


Establishing a witness for Christ in every nation by assisting indigenous ministries with the resources they need to spread the gospel, bring hope and healing to entire communities, and share practical aid with the poor and needy.

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Success Story

As the world began to see the degree of savagery unleashed by ISIS, few could imagine what part it would play in hundreds of people putting their faith in Christ.

With assistance from Christian Aid Mission, the indigenous ministry in Iraq this year began visiting sick refugees with a large van equipped as a mobile medical clinic. Three volunteer doctors, five volunteer nurses, five church members, one psychologist and one dentist have served 2,500 refugees - about 50 to 80 per day.

One Yazidi religious leader was suspicious of a ministry that provided aid to the Yazidis community along with the message of salvation through faith in Christ.

"He didn't like us helping people or entering their homes to evangelize, and he reported us to the local security police to stop our operations," said the ministry leader. "We were asked by the local police to stop, and we did."

Soon after, the Yazidi leader fell ill. His fellow Yazidis told him that many of them who had gotten sick had been healed after Christians came to pray for them.

"He asked for us to pray for him, and we did, and the Lord healed him the same week, after he thought he was dying," the director said. "The last time we were there, he was standing surrounded by all his followers and telling everyone about how Jesus healed him, and after I gave a speech to the group and did an invitation to Christ, we counted 136 people who surrendered their lives to Christ."

Christian Aid Mission assists 16 indigenous or native ministries in the Middle East that are providing aid and sharing the love of Christ to hurting, needy refugees.