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Good Samaritan Service, The


Disabled and lonely; many of the elderly in nursing homes in the US. Living below the poverty line and neglected; the needy in Africa. We aim to help provide care for the elderly in the US, and education and treatment for the disadvantaged in Africa.

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Success Story

Mariam, a widow who lost her husband in the civil war of South Sudan. She had 3 children ages 3, 5, and 6 years. She was also displaced because of the war to neighboring villages looking for shelter and food. All what she could find were leaves from the trees that she boiled in water and fed it to her 3 starving children. She continued walking and moving from village to village carrying her 3 year old on her back and holding the other 2 kids is her hands until she reached the capital Juba. She was directed to St George nursery and church. She took shelter in St George Nursery while the staff took care of her children. Feeding them daily and teaching them how to read, write and pray. The 3 children grew healthy and strong at St George Nursery through the support of the Good Samaritan Service. Mariam's elder child is now ready to join an elementary school which we are funding to meet the spiritual, mental, physical, social and psychological needs of these orphans and traumatized children. Share the blessing of educating and treating the needy through the Good Samaritan Service. Help them rise above poverty and take control of their lives and their unfortunate circumstances. Thus transforming the poor into a successful professional.