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Saving Horses, Changing Lives


WTH rescues, trains, facilitates foster placements, converts unused pasture, re-homes horses. We include at risk youth in our services which is beneficial to horses/youth.

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Success Story

Platinum, his little buddy Boda, and mom Sherrie were happily living in their small Northern California town for more than 16 years when they were caught in the horror of the Camp Fire. he fire destroyed their barn and the roof of Sherrie’s house, deeming it unlivable until repairs could be made. 

The aftermath of the fire took its toll and the fact that her own health had become unstable left Sherrie feeling overwhelmed and needing help. Sherrie made the difficult decision to ask Well Trained Horses to take in Platinum and Boda

Both horses thrived and Platinum did indeed find his new forever home with a family that needed him as much as he needed them.

You see, Jamie, who is 15years old and a friend of Platinum’s adopter, has had a very hard life. When Covid came, she'd pack a backpack and visit the adopter’s house to brush the other horses for hours and just “be” with her favorite, Skip. When Skip died, Jamie didn't handle it well. The final straw had been when someone stole all the money she had been saving to buy her own horse someday. She became a very angry young girl and her mother was baffled by her rage. Jamie stopped smiling. She stopped doing all her school assignments and was failing classes, which had never been the case with Jamie. She stopped engaging in life.

Then, Platinum arrived and the spark in Jamie’s eye and smile returned. And with this new love in her life, she is re-engaging with school and completing her assignments She now has a light again. As the family friend told us, “Just know you have not only helped rescue Platinum, you have also helped rescue this beautiful young girl just when I thought we were losing her.”