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World Impact


Extending the truth, love, grace and justice of God within under-resourced communities, we are committed to empowering urban leaders and partnering with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel. Our aim is to transform communities together.

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Success Story

Wherever Jimmy is, there is trouble. That's the way his loving Bible club teacher explains the situation. The truth is, life for anyone in America's inner city means coming face to face with the darkest side of existence - hopelessness. However, Jimmy's experience has been more difficult than most.

Not long after the death of his mother, Jimmy's father moved in and then married a heavy drug addict. Dad worked as a delivery man, while step mom got high. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon routine for youngsters in the inner city to see day in and day out, but the following is:

One day Jimmy's step mother got high then proceeded to light herself on fire - right in front of Jimmy. Three weeks later she died of burn-related complications.

The day after Jimmy's step mom died, Betty, his Bible club teacher ran into him on the street near World Impact's center of ministry. Betty noticed that both Jimmy and his father seemed emotionally disconnected from the situation. She asked Jimmy if she could pray with him. He accepted, gratefully. As a result of this encounter, Betty has been able to talk to and pray with Jimmy's father and some of the neighbors, helping them have hope in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances.