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Union Rescue Mission


Providing food, clothing, & safe emergency, transitional, & permanent housing for men, women, & children experiencing homelessness; with comprehensive services of medical, dental, mental health care, legal aid, education, job training, childcare, & more.

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Success Story


   Maria grew up with so much chaos and crisis that by age 13 she moved in with her 19yr. old boyfriend to start a family of her own.

    Against all odds, their marriage lasted 25 years, and they raised four boys together. But over the years, Maria's husband grew increasingly abusive. "The last straw was the day he beat me so bad, my face was bruised and bloody, and he stabbed me three times," Maria says.

Dazed and Confused on the Streets

    Maria's husband went to jail for eight years. But Maria was left in a prison of her own—a prison of trauma, shame, and bitter memories. She turned to crystal meth for relief. Before long, she lost her job, her apartment, and her children. Soon, she ended up on the streets. She kept wandering, looking for her children—until one day, she woke up from her daze and realized she needed help. So she came to Union Rescue Mission.

A Better Future

    Maria says counseling she received at URM helped her heal from the trauma she endured. Then relationships she developed with staff helped her stay accountable as he moved forward. But mostly, she says, volunteering to work in the kitchen gave her a sense of purpose—and hope for the future.

    Before long, Maria found a new job through URM's Employment Center, saved some money, and finally moved into a new apartment.

    Today, Maria is happily remarried, but she continues to volunteer in the kitchen at Union Rescue Mission. "I want to give back to those who helped me get my life back together. Whoever gives to URM is a blessing. Women on the streets, like I used to be, need places like this."