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Guide Dogs of America


GDA transforms lives by partnering service dogs with blind/visually impaired individuals, veterans with PTSD, children with autism, and professionals in hospitals, schools, & courtrooms. All programs & services are provided at no cost to the recipient.

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Success Story

I received Proxie one month ago, and she has impacted almost every aspect of my life. For starters, I improved my self-care habits for the first time since my injuries. Having Proxie encourages me to work towards a healthy morning and evening routine, which dramatically improves my ability to get out of bed in the morning and sleep peacefully at night (despite pain and fatigue). She allows me to cope with my neurological symptom flares, which lets me engage in activities outside my home — errands, healthcare, and just for fun!

During my infusion therapy treatments Proxie helped manage my pain and stress by doing her “snuggle” and “focus” and “between” commands. When I am in too much pain, feel nervous in social situations, or become too stressed, she performs comforting deep pressure therapy.

Because of Proxie, this past month, I participated in life at a higher level than I ever have been able to since becoming this ill. I regained interest in past hobbies, traveled unaccompanied on public transportation for the first time in years, visited family out of town, went on many walks outside, and I discontinued multiple medications.

Because of her, I have begun to socialize with my family and neighbors more. I even met a neighbor with a psychiatric service dog who has children the same age as my daughter. Because of Proxie, I feel a wider range of emotions than I was capable of before. I feel my detachment lessening and my capacity for normal emotions increasing. I am starting to feel joy again, which I struggled with before.