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Bay Area Rescue Mission


Fight Homelessness in our Community! We provide basic human & emergency services and programs, food, housing, and clothing, jobs and training to empower homeless and needy families and individuals to change their lives and break the cycle of homelessness.

Real Life

Maxine Mars came from a family of four children, but she never knew her father. As the oldest, she became the care-giver for her brothers and sister and life was hard. When she was 13 the family was broke up and sent to different foster care families, Maxine felt like it was her fault. Three years later she dropped out of school and moved out on her own. "I took care of myself the best I could but the feelings of abandonment and shame took their toll. I began drinking when I was 22 years old. Several years and 2 children later, my life could be summed up in one word, Failure. In despair I cried out to God and asked for help, I asked Him to find a place where I could change my life. Two days later I arrived at the Bay Area Rescue Mission. It was no coincidence. Now, fourteen months later, I just graduated from the Mission recovery from homelessness program and I have been clean and sober for the longest time since I was a child! I am working hard to rebuild bridges with my family - my youngest daughter will graduate from high school soon and I will be there for her!"

Maxine's life was rescued from the streets, from hopelessness and despair. She is employed and contributing to our society. With your help we will help many others (men, women, families) in the coming years. Thank you for supporting the Bay Area Rescue Mission.