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Lifehouse, Inc.


Improving quality of life for people with developmental disabilities in our community by providing lifetime of compassionate support in an atmosphere of respect, inspiration, purpose.

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Success Story

My husband and I have a daughter, Allison, with developmental disabilities. We got a referral to Lifehouse, an agency that assists people with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible. Lifehouse sounded like an appropriate choice for Allison. Little did we know then, that it was the "perfect" choice!

Lifehouse has given Allison the chance to become the outgoing, independent woman she is today. They also let us know as parents, that we had support and weren't alone. Lifehouse became our safety net. They gave us permission to not hang on so tight and to allow Allison to live a more independent life. Over its history, Lifehouse has been the extended family to countless individuals, supporting those who they serve throughout their entire lifetime. Lifehouse staff have even been at the bedside of those at the end of their life because their own family had passed on years earlier. Knowing that alone, gives us a comfort beyond words.

The changes not only in Allison, but in our entire family, have been extraordinary. She now lives happily with roommates, works at a job she loves and is absolutely thriving. We never thought the day would come when she would be too busy to talk to us on the phone. But it did. Although we feel a twinge of pain because we aren't as needed as we were before, we could not be happier for Allison.

All parents want their children to get the help they need to become thriving adults, even after we are no longer here. Lifehouse fulfills all of those needs! I believe Lifehouse is the premier organization of its kind. They truly are lifesavers in every sense of the word!