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Veterans Away From Home


Our mission is to remember and honor the heroism of thousands of American soldiers who died in foreign countries defending freedom and democracy. We will remember every Veteran through educational activities from the countries they are buried.

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The objective and mission of this Corporation is to remember and honor the heroism and dedication of thousands of American soldiers who died in the war in foreign countries in the name of freedom and democracy. The Veterans Away From Home envisions to honor and remember every Veteran who never made it back to the USA through programs and educational activities specially among young people in countries where the said military soldiers are left and buried.

  • VAFH coordinates with the US department of Defense and the US Embassy’s located on the host countries to promote activities in the American Cemeteries.
  • VAFH works with volunteers from the host countries to help remember the fallen soldiers on special occasions or holidays by providing flowers and other materials to honor said soldiers.
  • VAFH works with local schools from the host countries to educate as many children as possible to understand better the significant contribution of each man and woman buried in these very sacred grounds through guided and well-defined educational field trips.
  • Organize special events to honor the fallen soldiers and help create more interest and appreciation of the significance of the cemeteries to the general public.
  • Outreach Program - Giving American Flags and Filipino Flags to hundreds of students at collaborated schools during Veterans Day and Veterans Week in the Philippines.
  • Training opportunities to dozens of youth volunteers who will collaborate with different schools in dessiminating materials and promoting the mission of the organization that includes visiting cemeteries of fallen soldiers and educate school children about the history of the veterans and heroes of war.