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MAITRI Compassionate Care


No one should suffer or die alone. We provide compassionate, dignified, nonjudgmental, unconditional care for AIDS patients in need of hospice or 24hour care.

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Success Story

San Francisco has more than 25,000 seniors living on less than $1,000 a month, and seniors here are more likely to fall into homelessness here than in surrounding counties. After a severe fall, Sharon nearly became one of these seniors.

For days she was unable to pull herself up and get help. For days she suffered alone in a small room in the Tenderloin. And after a lengthy hospital stay, she needed the care to be able to live independently again.

Maitri gave her that care. With 24-hour nursing support, case management, and the love of our community of volunteers, Sharon grew stronger and began to stabilize her health. Now, she's living independently and healthier than she thought she ever could be again.

Maitri is unique in San Francisco because of the care and dedication not just because of our staff, but because of our community of volunteers who work to give people hope for tomorrow.