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Breast Cancer Prevention Partners


The leading national science-based, policy and advocacy organization focused on preventing breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and other environmental factors linked to the disease. Exposing the causes of breast cancer is the cure!

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"I’ve been part of the BCPP community for most of my life. My mother Andrea Martin, a two-time breast cancer survivor, founded the Breast Cancer Fund in 1992 when I was nine years old. I remember my first job was stuffing envelopes with the organization’s inaugural fundraising letters. Twenty-six years later, I’m proud to be a donor, advocate and active member of this vital community. Please support BCPP so they may continue the journey that my mother so courageously embarked upon over two decades ago."

– Mather Martin, BCPP Supporter & Board Member

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“My family and I joined BCPP’s community when one of my girlfriends was under 40 and diagnosed with breast cancer. She was determined to hike for prevention, so we decided to hike with her.

Traci has since passed. My mother also died of breast cancer in ’78 and I’ve had aunts and other relatives who have died of breast cancer too, so I just want to continue to do what it takes to help end this disease. Supporting BCPP is the best way I know how to make sure breast cancer will one day stop hurting and impacting other families.

Breast cancer is a horrible disease that puts every single person touched by it through so much heartache and pain. This is why my family and I back BCPP, because we think nobody deserves to lose their mothers, their sisters, their aunts, their grandmothers, or their best friends to breast cancer.”

– La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson, BCPP Supporter & Peak Hike Alumni