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Futures Without Violence


We work to heal those traumatized by violence and to create healthy families and communities free of violence. From domestic violence and sexual assault to child abuse and bullying, our programs help prevent and end violence against women and children.

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Success Story

In 1992, Stephen McCandless' sister Betsy was murdered by her abusive ex-husband. This is despite the fact that she got a restraining order, had filed criminal charges, and had stood in front of a judge describing the beatings from her husband and his threats to kill her. Apparently seeing no risk and disregarding the danger to Betsy, the judge let the abuser go free without bail. In May, l 995, Stephen told Betsy's story at a press conference announcing the FUND's development of an interactive CD-ROM program for judges handling domestic violence cases which allows judges to receive instructions about domestic violence in the privacy of their own chambers. "My sister's suffering is over," Stephen stated at the conference, "But her story will not fade and must not fade away. Across the country, every day, women and their families are injured or killed by domestic violence. My sister wanted to help others avoid an ordeal like hers. The projects of the Family Violence Prevention Fund work toward that goal. I applaud their work in training of judges and I hope that the CD-ROM project showcased today will save the lives of women who find themselves in the same danger as my sister."