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Making your community a better place to live. ABLC charities educate children, feed and shelter the homeless, strengthen families, support veterans, rescue unwanted animals, care for the elderly and much more.

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Contributed by an LIC member: Neat story, you invited us to be part of the social security office CFC in Richmond. One of our staff members set up a table and took along one of our recovery program members to help pass out flyers. That member was a man who had been homeless for a year. Now he is happy and healthy, and wants to reconcile with his family members. But, he did not know how to find his 22-year old daughter. His ex-wife, unbeknownst to him, was transferred from DC to CA in the Richmond social security office. She was working that day, and saw this gentleman, healthy and happy, and apologizing for his behavior. She called their daughter at Long Beach State, and the girl asked to speak to her father, absent for more than 5 years. What a tear-jerker!!! He was with us on Sunday to tell us the story. The ex-wife has remarried, but is thankful that this gentleman is doing well, and wants him to be in a good relationship with the daughter. We all started to cry. thanks for the invitation!!!!