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Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments (SAVE)


SAVE's mission is to strengthen every individual and family with the knowledge and support needed to end the cycle of abuse and build healthier lives.

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Success Story

At first, Maria believed her boyfriend was being protective when he didn't want her to work or go out.  The two had been in the United States for a short time, and Maria didn't speak English.  But when he started locking her in their rented room every time he went out, and made her use a pot rather than go to the restroom down the hall, she began to fear him.

"When I became pregnant with our fourth child, he told me he didn't believe it was his child.  He started to hit me. My oldest child became so upset he threw something at his father's back to stop him.  His dad started hitting him."

That night when he went to work, Maria took her children and went to the police station.  She never went back.  The police took Maria and her children to SAVE.  Our shelter and WINGS transitional program provided a safe home for two years.

Now more than 10 years later, Maria is happy she finally escaped.  She is working at a restaurant, and all four children are in school.  For the first time since she was a teenager, she sees there is hope for a better life.