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Hospice of the East Bay


Hospice of the East Bay provides hospice and palliative care services supporting and comforting people and their loved ones through the final stages of life.

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Success Story

Glenda was a 38-year-old woman with breast cancer. A single parent, she was the mother of three young children. Glenda was depressed, weak, and in pain. Her children felt bewildered, frightened, and exhausted. Then the Hospice of the East Bay care team stepped in.

Effective medications were prescribed for Glenda by her hospice physician and pharmacist. Her nurse managed her care and supervised all her services. A Social worker and spiritual counselor offered emotional and spiritual support to Glenda and her children. Home health aides took care of her personal hygiene needs. Hospice volunteers provided companionship and helped with chores. A bereavement counselor worked with the children before their mother's death, and continued to do so for 13 months after.

These services allowed Glenda to make the most of her last months of life--at home with her children--as alert and pain-free as possible. Her children were able to be by her side, feeling that they had done their best for their mother. Instead of experiencing unattended anxiety and grief, they were supported as they sought to come to terms with their loss.

Because Glenda had limited insurance coverage, much of the cost of her care was covered by donations made to Hospice of the East Bay.