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Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center


Individuals with developmental disabilities can hold jobs and become independent. Help us provide programs supporting their continued success. They deserve your help!

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Success Story

The best storyteller is someone who has experienced the Pomeroy Center themself. Here’s Julie, sister to Pomeroy participant Patrick:

I’ll never forget our first visit to Pomeroy. When we entered the courtyard, all eyes turned to us and a chorus of welcomes rang out. As we walked toward the building, hands (some from wheelchairs) reached out for a handshake or an arm clasp. 

By the time we got inside, I was close to tears. 

My brother Patrick is 63 and has Down syndrome. Since 2014, Pomeroy has been the great joy of his life, providing love, support, and continuity.

Over time, and especially in the last six months, I have come to realize just what a unique, essential place Pomeroy is. It does what no others do.

Officially, Patrick is recorded as "profoundly retarded" but the Patrick we know speaks fluently in English and Italian. He remembers obscure details like radio call numbers. He loves to draw, and insists on neatness and order, especially when it comes to organizing his beloved felt pens and notebooks.

Pomeroy’s closure for the pandemic shelter-in-place was initially very hard on Patrick. It left him bereft of his favorite place to be.   

Happily for him and for us, his connection with Pomeroy was sustained by regular phone calls from beloved staff member Randall, live Zoom classes, and online Pomeroy videos we watched every night without fail. 

As our sister Margaret puts it, “At Pomeroy, for the first time in his life, Patrick independently developed true and deep relationships, which, given his background, borders on the miraculous.” 

This past year has been daunting for all. With the steadfast support of Pomeroy, Patrick has met his challenges with grace.