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Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon


A spay/neuter program for cats, services are no-cost and low-cost to improve cats' health while reducing future generations of feral cats.

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Success Story

Feral cat caregiver Judy B. explains why the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon's spay/neuter services are so important - to the cats, and to caregivers like her:

“We started feeding a stray cat who we named Ralph. He started living here and eventually brought a bunch of his friends. And then they decided to have a bunch of kittens.

We went from half dozen cats to the point where we had over 30 cats. They were so much fun, but our cat food bill was mounting. I told everybody how much I loved our cats, but that it was a problem.

I was always talking about the cats and kittens. Fortunately one day I met someone who told me about the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. It took two trips of 15 each, but we got all of them spayed and neutered and vaccinated. I was so impressed.

Now they’re all out on our porches every morning to greet us and swarm around our feet and are just the most loving bunch of cats you ever saw. We’re just the happiest bunch of people to have calm happy cats – and no more kittens.”