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Child Foundation


Help make education accessible. We support some of the world's most vulnerable children so they don't fall out of school and into child labor or marriage. When disaster strikes a region or family, we work to get needed resources into the right hands.

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Mahsa's Story
One night when Mahsa was staying with her grandparents, her parents died in a gas leak accident. Her grandparents are financially poor, and they had a hard time making ends meet. Now Mahsa had been added to their family too.

But along came Dr. Mandana Navidi, a kind sponsor from Maryland. She took Mahsa under her own wing by sponsoring her. Recently Mandana's parents visited Mahsa in Tehran. They brought her gifts from her sponsored mom, and the Navidi grandparents explained to Mahsa that she now has a loving family in the United States, including two uncles and a cousin about her own age. Her new cousin sent her a photo and a teddy bear. Mahsa also received photos of her sponsor mom Mandana, so that she could connect with her. She was told that she is very much loved and that her sponsor mom wants to be in her life and to provide guidance and help her in any way she can.

Now, Mahsa knows that she is not alone in this world and that she has an extended family who love her and want to be part of her life forever. this success alone. It was the kindness and generosity of her Child Foundation sponsors that helped her succeed.