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Atlas Service Corps, Inc.


Multiply impact. Support a global network of nonprofit leaders/organizations promoting innovation, cooperation, solutions to address world's critical social issues. Developing leaders through 12-month overseas fellowship, who return home to inspire.

Real Life

Achieving the Passport to Global Citizenship
-excerpt from personal reflection from Fellow Melat Tekletsadik
(Ethiopia, Class 6, served at Global Kids)

Being hosted in Global Kids that works on youth development issues not only sharpened my technical skills on monitoring and evaluation which I was tasked with but it also exposed me to creative youth programming approaches. I now have a different perspective on how to design programs on HIV/AIDS education for youth. I learned that non-profits in Ethiopia need to shift focus from programs that address the immediate needs of young people to further unleash their potential as innovators, future leaders, and ready them for the global stage.

Living in New York which is home to diverse nationalities, I learned to appreciate the values Global Kids teaches to its youth; tolerance, respect for diversity and accommodating different value systems. I often caught myself tolerating thoughts, ideas I wouldn't have a year ago. Fellows in the program also gave me a peek into their countries. I can now say I have acquired the passport to global citizenship.