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Buckner Children and Family Services


Children desperate. Orphans alone. Families in need. Our adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid, education, prevention and support programs transform lives and bring hope to vulnerable children and families through Christ-centered values.

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Success Story

Lucy's Journey from Placement to Permanency

The first weeks of "Lucy's" life had been spent in the hospital, going through withdrawal from the drugs in her system, passed to her during pregnancy. Wendi was a first-time foster parent, single, and anxious about taking care of this infant. After prayerful consideration, she committed to care for Lucy.

At placement, a permanent smile graced the face of this new foster mom. Though Lucy came straight from the hospital, she immediately relaxed into Wendi's arms. Once, Lucy's home was a sterile environment of tubes, alarms, and medication. Now, however, she was truly at home, with a loving parent who would provide her with the nurturing care she so desperately needed.

The months have passed with the expected unpredictability that comes with providing temporary care for children. Doctor visits have led to tests and diagnoses. Biological family visits have led to concern, relief and new relationships. Just before Christmas, Lucy's birthparents relinquished their parental rights, stating their hope that Wendi would adopt Lucy. They knew they couldn't adequately care for all of her needs.

Wendi has excitedly agreed to the adoption, which will occur later this spring. Uncertainties remain, particularly concerning Lucy's physical development and medical needs. But now something is different. She will have the consistency of a loving parent willing to walk with her through every obstacle and rejoice with her over every victory. Forever.