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Wright House Wellness Center, The


Improving the lives of Central Texans affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C through outreach, education, health and holistic services, and care coordination.

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Success Story

Dear Donor,

Thank You!

It can be hard enough to cope with a diagnosis of any serious illness, let alone one with the stigma of HIV and AIDS. This disease can be very isolating without the support of friends, family and coworkers. For me, The Wright House Support Group has always been a safe place and a place to feel "normal" as I deal with HIV.

My family disowned me after coming out to them about my sexuality. Years later, when I called them crying after discovering I was HIV positive, a door was opened, but they are still unable to talk about it or provide any real emotional support. The Group has helped fill that void in my life.

When I was first diagnosed, I knew little about this disease and I was sure my life would be short. My biggest fear was not being around to take care of my dogs for the rest of their lives. How would they understand when I was gone? With the strength and support of Karen Breeding and the long-term survivors in the Group, I no longer see HIV as a death sentence. I am now living with this disease and planning for the future. I have even adopted a new puppy with the additional life-long love and commitment that he brings. I still have work to do, but have come a long way thanks to this Group.

A Grateful Wright House Client