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Blessed Sacrament Academy


Vulnerable families learn their worth by way of care, education, support & emotional dev. Our Child Development Center insures affordable childcare in an exceptional setting for infants - fives. Foster Grandparents add a joyful family dimension.

Real Life

The campus of Blessed Sacrament Academy supports an array of services-all with the common thread of bringing hope. The Parents' Academy programs focus on empowering parents with positive discipline techniques in an encouraging environment. "The goal of Parents' Academy," explains Kathy Lozano, Director, "is to provide parents with information and support in the challenging task of raising healthy, well-balanced children in today's world."

For 20 years, family members who are facing life challenges such as incarceration of a parent or an open case with Child Protective Services, foster parents, or those who just want to be better parents, have taken advantage of one or more of the three classes offered by the Parents Academy. "Any parent can benefit from this program. It is a loving, supportive environment that helps us nurture our souls and celebrate the spirit of our child," said Xelena, recent Parents' Academy graduate.

Many times, attending classes at BSA gives a family the chance to break generational patterns of abuse and/or neglect. "In Parents' Academy, I learned how to grow up and share what I feel inside. I can now control my anger much better and I am more patient with my children and my partner," said Adel recent attendee and father of three. "I have learned to listen before reacting and to always think what impact my actions will have on my child."