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Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, is working to end the global water crisis by helping people living in poverty get access to affordable loans for water and sanitation solutions at home - unlocking education, income and improved health.

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Success Story

Swati lives in a village in India where water is most often accessible at communal water wells. As with many municipally managed water sources, the water is available infrequently and can be impacted by seasons and shifting weather patterns.  

“In the past, when we needed to bring water from the well…it was a big problem…especially in the rainy season because of rain and mud.” Swati further explained that the well often ran dry. Even after waiting in a long line to retrieve water, she would sometimes leave with an empty vessel, wondering where she would get water for her husband and their two children. 

Through’s local partner in Swati’s community, she and her husband learned they could take out a small affordable loan for a long-term safe water solution and a private toilet on their property. Within days of being approved for their loan, Swati and her family got lasting access to safe water at home.   

No longer worried about from where their next liter of water will come, Swati’s focus is on supporting her family and their home in Maharashtra where they work toward the bright futures ahead of them. 

With your support, we can empower more moms like Swati with affordable, lasting access to safe water and the health and hope that flow from it.