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Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, Inc


Rescuing, restoring, and re-stabilizing families & individuals who are in poverty or at risk of slipping into poverty by providing them with food boxes, life skills training and rent/utility assistance to empower and enable their self-sufficiency.



Success Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic it has been a real eye opener for Hosea to see the hard time that our communities of color are living in. Even prior to the pandemic many of them were doing their best to survive and inspite of the challenges, they were doing well getting the children to school, keeping the bills paid often with the help of Hosea for past due rent or utility bills and fdeeding their families with the emergency food supplied by the staff at Hosea. We are used to touching the people, and seeing them face to face and it has been hard to serve with the requirements of the pandemic ,so we have facetimed or to zoomed with them just so the human contact can be maintained as much as possible. We have partnered with the magistrate courts in our county to go into the courts to pay rent assistance for those whose rent assistance moratoriums will be over soon. This has also been hampered because just this week a member of the court has been tested positive with COVID-19 so even that now has to be done virtually. 

What has been most positive is the fact that Hosea Helps, Inc. has focused on building capacity in other smaller non-profits so we can duplicate ourselves in the community. Thisis the way we have been able to reach the Latino American community. We have chosen about 11 smaller non-profits who have registered on "" and they have been taught by us how to collect data, conduct mass feedings, market their events, ge volunteers for their events, and closed out and cnduct follow-up to meet more of the nes of their conumity theough referrals to other partners. we are indeed building what Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. called "THE BELOVED COMMUNITY".