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CURE Childhood Cancer, Inc.


Advancing promising cancer research & clinical trials, lobbying for cutting-edge medical legislation, & providing accessible treatment & support to thousands of young pediatric oncology patients & their families. Help us conquer cancer in children!

Real Life

He is a Fireman, a Soldier, a Pilot, a Dinosaur, a Knight, a Pirate and would only answer to Oinky for quite some time. He is a 3 foot, forty pound five year old perpetual motion machine. He is without a doubt the toughest person I know and he's our son Eli. He has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, but it certainly does not have him.

On January 9, 2007 Eli woke with small petechiae on his face. A few hours later, doctors were telling us our son had Leukemia.

Over the next several days time simultaneously stood still and moved at the speed of light. Eli underwent more testing, exams and evaluations in the first three days than most of us will experience in a lifetime. My wife never left his side; she is his Mom, Nurse and Bodyguard.

During his month long stay on the AFLAC Children's Cancer ward we met many families. Volunteers from CURE Childhood Cancer were some one of the first non-medical people to meet with us. CURE Volunteers spent time with Peggy explaining the different programs and support CURE could provide. They answered our questions, but the greatest thing was, at a time when it seemed everyone had something to say, they simply listened. They brought food for the staff and families and let us know we were not alone, and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Eli is in remission now and I am proud to be his dad.