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A Life Transformed Through Sports Ministry


Restoring hope and transforming lives through: sports, Christian education, Biblical discipleship, compassion and prayer - mentoring, counseling and empowering women and children in Africa, Latin America and the USA.

Real Life

Ivan Guzmán began life in El Salvador disabled and abandoned as a child. Unable to walk, he found love and care at the Vito Guarato Orphanage near the city where Sports Outreach works. As a result of his disability, government schools could not enroll him and his hopes of achieving an education were bleak. But Ivan is a dreamer and ever since he was a boy he had visions of one day becoming bilingual. At the request of the orphanage director, Sports Outreach stepped in and Ivan was provided a scholarship to go to a private high school, where he studied English, French, and Italian. Now graduated, he speaks four languages and hopes to continue with a university education, desiring to one day work for an international company and become independent.