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American Battlefield Trust


Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Manassas, Yorktown: Don't let developers pave over our nation's Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War past. If we don't save America's battlefields now, we risk losing them forever!

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Success Story

The Civil War Trust's 50,000 members are America's premier battlefield preservationists. They contributed over $15 million in 2015, saving more than 1,600 acres of hallowed ground from development, bringing the total acres saved to over 43,000 in 20 states. Here's what some of our members say about us:

The Trust has given me undreamed of power, through my modest contributions, to preserve in perpetuity important irreplaceable parts of our priceless American heritage. If I achieve nothing else in life, I know that I have done something of importance. - Gary Wayne, Buffalo Grove, Ill., Member Since 2005.

I do not contribute to very many charities, only those that are trustworthy. The Civil War Trust is an organization that I feel I can trust as demonstrated by your documented results. The 'Hallowed Ground' magazine is very good at keeping members up to date on property acquisitions. - Neal Hooten, Elkmont, Alabama, Member since 1994.

The Trust does an OUTSTANDING job of multiplying its members' donations in order to save as much Civil War hallowed ground as possible. This will allow future generations to feel the significance of that war's role in creating the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! - Roger Gardner, Clarksville, Tennessee, Member since 1995.

I am as proud to be a member of this organization as anything as I have ever been a part of in my life. - Douglas Pittman, Camden, Ohio, Member since 1998.

The Trust's record of accomplishment is unparalleled. -Frank Lorey, Escondido, California, Member since 2006.

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