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Alaska Wilderness League


We're protecting Alaska's wild lands & waters by inspiring broad support for federal policy action. Together, we can ensure that Alaska's wildest places -- from its rolling tundra to its ancient forests -- are protected today, and for generations to come.

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Success Story

You might know me as the scary polar bear, top of the food chain, but to my friends I'm just Ice P. I don't get out of the Arctic that often, but when I do Alaska Wilderness League is always there to help me out. They are the only nonprofit in DC that is dedicated full-time to securing stronger protections for Alaska's wild lands and waters. They've also got a bunch of field staff all over the U.S. who are dedicated to building up awareness. They coordinate travel with Alaskans to ensure community concerns are heard when the government is hearing development-related testimony.

I am so grateful for all Alaska Wilderness League does to protect my home - from my hunting grounds in the Arctic Ocean to the denning areas on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Yet the League knows Alaska is bigger than just the Arctic. They also promote areas in the Bureau of Land Management system, assist Alaska Natives with their Environmental Justice program, and help the Tongass National Forest transition to a new tourism-based economy. When people visit Alaska, they can witness scenic vistas, abundant wildlife, and open space. Alaska Wilderness League ensures that this will continue to be the case for generations to come.

- Ice P, League Spokesbear