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Elephant and Whale Protectors


Elephants killed for ivory; whales under attack from commercial hunting and pollution; our forests, oceans & wildlands diminishing daily. Help us combat climate change, expose environmental crime & bring about systemic change to protect our natural world.

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Success Story

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) US was born out of an investigation uncovering illegal ivory trade flows from Africa to Asia, exposing the illicit network exploiting elephants for profit. Since that initial investigation, EIA has expanded beyond the wildlife campaign, tackling climate change, illegal logging, and exploitative resource extraction. Utilizing campaign expertise, data analysis, undercover investigations and cutting-edge technology, EIA is a leader in the fight for environmental protections. 

EIA has successfully pioneered an only-of-its-kind transparent traceability system in Gabon and Romania, and soon to be in Liberia, where timber can be tracked to its tree of origin, transforming the entire timber supply chain. The implementation, as well as training and support, empowers companies, governments, local communities, civil society, and the public to combat forest crime and govern forests more equitably.

One of the major successes of EIA’s work in pioneering this technology is Gabon’s transition to a national timber tracing system. In partnership with EIA, Gabon has set a global precedent for fighting corruption and protecting forests. Over a decade, Romania has demonstrated that real-time public transparency of timber transports and harvest data can support legal forest management, creating a blueprint for the rest of the EU as it seeks to curb illegal deforestation.

EIA plans to conduct international outreach and advocacy efforts to promote the adoption of these transparent traceability systems by producer countries. Your contributions enable us to continue pioneering innovative solutions, empowering communities, and advocating for change.