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Child Health Foundation


Millions of children without clean water, immunizations, health care, subject to malaria, respiratory diseases, and malnutrition need help. Help prevent their unnecessary illness and death through immunizations, water purification and proper nutrition.

Real Life

Health Professional Training in Kenya and Tanzania

Tenwek Hospital of Kenya has a program called Helping Babies Breathe.

Helping Babies Breathe is a curriculum for neonatal resuscitation designed to train health providers in low-resource settings. It has provided training for 4 sites of Kenya and Tanzania with 180 neonatal care providers.

Six master trainers have been trained at 2 different sites to continue to teach Helping Babies Breathe and sustain education programs.

RESULTS- the team saw a dramatic drop in birth asphyxia. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Rule, an American doctor, hopes to continue to work with the obstetric team in designing further endeavors and expand this model to other low-resource settings to save newborns and mothers. In the meantime, she is writing the final manuscript for education and quality improvement projects. She says:
”The project has been presented at multiple meetings at Cincinnati Children's hospital and both papers have been submitted for presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies in Spring 2016."