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Homelessness, National Alliance to End


Homelessness is a crisis across America. If affects veterans, families and youth. Making it a crime is not the answer. We must invest in affordable housing and physical & mental heathcare. Help us improve policies to prevent and end homelessness today!

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A member of my board who was once homeless and living on the streets. She is now gainfully employed and working in the very community she once lived. The plight of the homeless is close to my heart, I know there is more we can do to end homelessness. - Patricia Doyle, Sacramento. 

These are the voices of hope; hope that homelessness can be prevented and ended in our nation. For decades, homelessness has afflicted Americans across the country - veterans, youth, families, and individuals. 

The National Alliance to End Homelessness works to right this wrong. As the recession continues, more people are experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness. The Alliance is working with local communities to combat these increases. The Alliance also publishes research, highlighting best practices and strategies so that communities across the country can learn from one another. 

With your support, we know that we will reach a day when no American experiences the tragedy of homelessness.